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Exploring the Foundation Essentials for Shipping Containers

When setting up shipping containers, a frequently asked question at Shipping Containers of Southampton relates to the need for foundations. This aspect largely depends on the container’s unique circumstances and planned usage. 

Corner Support: Fundamental to Shipping Container Design

Typically, our shipping containers, made from durable corten steel, are designed to be supported at the four corners. This design is not only efficient for transportation but also static storage purposes. For those renting containers, it’s noteworthy that while jacklegs are not a default feature, we can attach them to our steel cabins at a minimal weekly cost.

Levelling on Hard Surfaces: A Key for Safe Placement

Placing individual units, particularly on hard-standing surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, is usually adequate. Our Shipping Containers of Southampton team ensures each container is accurately levelled. We use pre-cut wooden shims, always available with our drivers, to adjust the container. This is essential for maintaining stability and safety, especially when dealing with uneven surfaces, such as a slope, that could impact the ability to open and close the container doors smoothly.

Double Stacking Containers: Smooth Surfaces for Stability

Ensuring a smooth and level surface is crucial for those needing additional space and choosing to double-stack containers. This preparation is vital for safely and securely stacking the containers, which come with corner casting and twist locks for standardised shipping and secure stacking.

Special Foundations for Soft Surfaces

On softer surfaces, special considerations are needed, particularly for double-stacked containers. Purpose-built foundation pads are required to prevent any settling or tilting of the container, ensuring long-term durability and functionality. This is part of providing versatile storage solutions that cater to a wide range of needs.

Customised Foundations Based on Site-Specific Needs

Understanding that foundation requirements can vary greatly depending on the location, the specific container, and its use is key. For instance, a container intended for use as a storage facility might have different foundation needs compared to one proposed as an office space. Our containers also come with forklift pockets for ease of handling.

At Shipping Containers of Southampton, we understand the importance of standardised ISO regulations in container construction, ensuring each unit withstands wear and tear. We advise you to consult with our experts about your site’s conditions and how to use the container effectively for long-term or short-term purposes.

Wrapping Up

Our versatile, heavy-duty shipping containers offer various uses. However, ensuring they are placed on an appropriate foundation maximises their lifespan and functionality. Whether you’re looking into buying shipping containers for a permanent solution or need a container for temporary use, selecting the right foundation is essential.

Have more questions or need guidance on shipping container foundations? Our team at Shipping Containers of Southampton is here to assist you. We offer a wide range of storage solutions to suit every need. Contact us today to learn more or discuss your specific shipping container requirements.