Container Hire

Flat Rack Container Rentals in Southampton

Discover our wide selection of 20 & 40ft flat rack containers, available for hire at our Southampton depot. Catering to various business needs throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas, we provide these specialised containers at highly competitive rental rates and swift delivery services.

Engage with our expert container team at 0330 0130 636 to explore the ideal flat rack container rental solutions for your business needs.

20ft Flat Rack Container Rental Specifications

Key Features

  • High loading capacity suitable for heavy and oversized cargo
  • Designed for seamless international shipping compatibility
  • Collapsible end walls offer flexible loading options

Detailed Dimensions & Capacity

About 20ft Flat Rack Containers for Hire

The 20ft Flat Rack container is an adaptable unit suitable for renting, featuring both fixed and folding end options for various cargo types. Ideal for transporting heavy loads or oversized items, these containers have robust end walls, ensuring safe and secure stacking. Lashing rings are also available to fasten loads up to 2,000 kg securely.

All our 20ft flat rack containers for rent undergo thorough inspections to maintain compliance with international standards, ensuring they meet the highest safety and quality requirements for your shipping needs.

40ft Flat Rack Container Rental Specifications

Key Features

  • Exceptionally high loading capacity, perfect for heavy-duty applications
  • Optimised design ensuring global shipping compatibility
  • Collapsible ends for diverse loading scenarios

Our 40ft Flat Rack containers, with fixed and collapsible ends, available for hire, are ideal for storing and transporting heavy or oversized items. These containers have rigid end walls for safe stacking and maximised space, with lashing rings for secure cargo fastening.

Commitment to quality and safety is paramount, and independent experts rigorously inspect each 40ft flat rack container for rent to ensure they meet international standards and are ready for global shipping.